Vintage Wireless Collecting

After leaving school, I served an apprenticeship in radio and TV servicing. Stemming from this, in latter years, and purely for nostalgic reasons, I have developed a keen interest in collecting and restoring vintage broadcast receivers. I suppose these should be more correctly termed 'wireless sets'. It's interesting to note, also, that most of the sets I like to collect were well out of date at the time of my Apprenticeship, 1957-62.

After an initial stage, where I grabbed every sort of old receiver I could get my hands on, I have been forced to focus my collection to my favourite period, which is 1930s and 40s. This was brought about by the lack of the facility to store vast amounts of sets. Although my good lady is very tollerant - there is a limit!


Set of The Month

(to be continued)


Internet Mailing List

There is an Internet mailing list which is dedicated to the collection and refurbishment of vintage broacast radio sets. It can be found by going to the Yahoo Groups Website Instructions for joining the list appear there.

Subscription is free, and the list is used mainly among British collectors, but is open to anyone with such interests worldwide. It has proved to be a very useful tool for your queries, wants etc. There's a useful 'files' area to send images of radios for others to see, maybe for recognition purposes. Why not join us?

British Vintage Wireless Society

Many collectors/restorers join the BVWS, which offers various "Swap-Meets" in different parts of the Country. Several times a year, they print the BVWS Bulletin, a rather up-market, A4 publication, which has interesting articles, ads, etc. A loose-leaf enclosure contains Member's ads, where one can buy/sell items equipment and make enquiries etc. Compared with the Internet, this method of advertising is pretty slow, but obviously serves those who have no other facilities.

The BVWS is now present on the Internet under the URL

Try it and see.

There are, as yet anyway, no facilities to enable members to advertise via these web pages, this being done by supplement to the Society's Bulletin.

It is hoped to update this page with any new information which comes to hand, all useful suggestions are therefore welcomed, via email please, to:

A different "Set of The Month" will be included when I can, and will usually be one of my collection. Watch this space!


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