Westwells or Hoar Park Quarry

Westwells is an area of Neston near Corsham. There is a relatively small stone mine here. Similar in size to Elm Park it was last used to test the Samson coal cutters for their suitability to cut stone. In 1990 the Bath and Portland Stone Company pumped large amounts of slurry into the mine. This slurry is a mixture of dust and water. Reservoirs have been built above floor level and the mixture pumped in. This covers a large amount of floor space in the mine but one day it will dry out and become a solid floor. There is a slope shaft and an air shaft into the mine, the air shaft was probably a trial shaft to test the stone before the mine was built as there is no need to have an air shaft so near the entrance. The mine is unlike some as it has very few distinguishable passages. It is impossible to become confused here and you can see the entrance from virtually wherever you are underground.

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